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Refrigerator Freezer Combo

July 22, 2015

Are you in need of refrigerator freezer combo? Refrigerator freezer combos are a good choice due to their versatility and practicality. They pose as 2-in-1 solution for different needs and a single utility where you can store different items in an efficient space. These combo units can also help you save energy and money which, in turn, benefit all aspects of your business.

SRC Refrigeration should be one of the first calls to solve all your refrigeration needs. We offer a wide array of refrigerator freezer combo appliances that are made of the highest quality materials that are also priced as one of the best values in the industry. With more than 35 years’ experience, SRC prides itself on customer service and will be proud to build you a unit that will meet your needs and your budget.


Here are some, of many, reasons you should get your refrigerator freezer combo from SRC:

  • 4” insulation, so you can be sure energy you expend won’t be wasted
  • Engineered refrigeration systems
  • Made according to exact requirements
  • UL approved
  • Series of national approvals


When buying a refrigerator freezer combo you should always consider:

  • Budget
  • Types of items that will be stored
  • Where and with what products the unit is manufactured
  • Capacity
  • Cooling options
  • Customer features that ensure proper functionality, product shelf-life and the longevity of appliance.

SRC offers a variety of cooler/freezer combos where you can choose between a variety of different options such as doors, panels, cabinet options, shelving options, lighting options, and refrigeration options. This proves that it’s possible to have refrigerator freezer combo exactly like you imagined it at a price that fits your budget.

If you are looking for a commercial refrigerator freezer combo, SRC is simply the best choice. To see how SRC can help your business move forward, visit for a quick estimate for, contact the SRC Sales Team at or call toll free at 800-521-0398, prompt 3.


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