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Walk in Cooler

July 18, 2016

A walk in cooler is a great way to optimize the space for your business.  Whether you own a convenience store, a restaurant or a business that specializes in floral arrangements, taking adequate measures to provide a convenient setup is always a priority. With the use of a walk in cooler, businesses in a variety of industries can enjoy the benefit of having a storage space that also keeps the essential elements of their business at the right temperature. Plants and flowers need to be stores in a cool place, while beverages and several other items also need a specific temperature to ensure they stay fresh. A walk in cooler satisfies this requirement by allowing a specific space in the premises to be converted into a location where items can be stores at a specific temperature and allows for easy access to everything.


SRC Refrigeration provides a vast variety of walk in cooler and other commercial refrigeration solutions to suit the need of every individual business. The company has been an industry leader since 1980, with a reputation as one of the best companies that specializes in custom refrigeration manufacturing. They provide cost-effective solutions that provide various companies with a custom designed walk in cooler systems. All systems manufactured and designed by SRC Refrigeration also comes with several benefits, including:

  • The walk in cooler system comes with 4-inch insulation, which means all the items stored inside will be fresh and will be kept cool at all times.
  • All systems are designed to meet the specific requirements of every customer.
  • The use of the latest technologies in the industry provides effective solutions that also offer business owners precise control over the temperature of their walk in cooler.
  • Every system comes with all the components and controls required to effectively operate.


With the use of a custom designed walk in cooler refrigeration solutions, the system will be customized to fit the perfectly fit your space, your needs and your budget. SRC Refrigeration offers a complete engineered refrigeration design system with each system being developed by industry experts. A five year compressor warranty also comes included in every system they provide in order to ensure any problems that might arise can be sorted out without any inconvenience.



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